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 The TRUE Story of How a Dad Who Cared About His 2 Boys Invented a Machine That Transforms Normal Neighborhood Kids Into All-Star Hitters!


"During the spring of 1998, my 8-year-old son, Joey, began his first season of Little League play in the minors division of Randolph Little League in Tucson, AZ. He had a rough season as he didn't collect one base hit, although he walked many times. After the season was over, I asked him if he had fun. He told me he did but would have had a more enjoyable time if he hit the ball better. I asked him if he wanted to really work at hitting or just enjoy the game as he has. I don't believe in putting pressure on my son to perform like some parents do. I want him to have a passion for the game of baseball like I do. With a twinkle in his eyes, he told me he really wanted to dedicate himself to being a better hitter so he could hit the ball better the next season. After I thought about his comments for a period of time, I called college coaching legend Gordie Gillespie and others. They all told me a pitching machine which throws plastic balls would be the way to go because it would take the fear factor away, which causes problems for younger hitters. I called Granada Pitching Machines and asked which machine would be appropriate for my 8-year olf. When I received the machine, I again asked Joey whether he really wanted to work at hitting daily to improve his skills. He jumped at the chance as he hit approximately 100 poly-balls a day for 6 months. He actually wanted more hitting practice everyday, but I thought 100 balls a day was more than enough for his age. His eye-hand coordination improved dramatically in 2 weeks. At this time he was hitting half the balls with regularity. After 3 weeks, he was hitting 75 out of 100. After a couple of months, he was hitting 95 out of 100 with many begin hard hit balls. Once the 1999 season rolled around, he once again completed in the minors division as a 9-year old. After an 18-game season, he hit .708 to lead the league in hitting. His teach (which also used the Granada Pitching Machine since I was the head coach) hit .455 with four players who had never played competitive baseball before. This figure led the league. At virtually every practice, each player hit close to 100 poly-balls from the Granada Pitching Machine in addition to regular batting practice where 10 or so pitches were thrown by pitchers. I would like to thank everyone at Granada for allowing a great group of kids to grow as hitters. It was especially gratifying watching my own son develop so rapidly as a hitter. Thanks you for all your help. 2002 Update: .813 on base average for 2002 season. Now taking 200 cuts per day on Granada Machine.

Lou Pavlovich, Jr. Editor, Collegiate Baseball Newspaper


This is the machine that did it!

pitching machinepoly ballpoly ballpitching machine

Date: A crisp Tuesday morning, 7:33 AM in the Rogue River Valley
From: Mark

If your Little Leaguer's batting average doesn't go up by AT LEAST 100 points...

Dear Little League Dad or Mom:

     I'm going to tell you a true story about a little short street in Oregon and how 5 kids on that one tiny street ended up playing college baseball. If you have any sense of how good you have to be to even make it to college baseball, you will be so excited you probably won't finish this letter before you order. It started with a wonderful man named Norm who wanted his two boys, Paul and John, to be able to compete in baseball and to learn to hit better without being afraid of being hit by the ball. Norm is an inventor by nature, so he put together a machine that would spit out plastic balls -- wiffle balls -- so that Paul and John could get more practice hitting than they were getting at Little League practice. Since at practice each player only got from 10 to 20 practice swings at a pitched ball, and some of those pitches weren't good pitches anyway, Norm figured that his machine could conservatively allow each boy to get perhaps 10 times the hitting practice at home that he would get at group practice.

As it worked out, Paul and John loved hitting those wiffle balls so much that they often took several hundred cuts a day, instead of 10 or so. Their hitting improved so much almost immediately that their friends started coming home with them and groups of several boys would take turns hitting off the machine. Since there were no hard balls involved, the fear of getting hit with a pitched ball disappeared, and the entire team got much more aggressive at the plate in the games that followed.

I suppose you can guess the rest of the story.

Paul and John's teams dominated the league they were in. By the time they were in high school, it was almost unfair competition. Both went on to play college ball -- Paul as an outfielder, John as a pitcher -- far and away the best hitting pitcher in the state!

Now fast-forward about 20 years. Norm's pitching machine has been discovered by hundreds of coaches all over the USA and is in use by college teams, big league teams, and high school teams. Norm moves his business to Oregon but names it "Granada" after the town in which it was invented. He operates the business on a little cul-de-sac street named "Dobrot Way". By now, Norm has a grandson named Dan. Naturally, Dan uses the machine like his Dad did. But not only Dan, but Garth 2 houses down and across Dobrot, and Brent -- directly across the street.

Now it's not my purpose to bore you with details, but what you need to know is this: Garth played college baseball for Westmont College, after a spectacular high school career culminating in him being named "Oregon Christian Athlete Of The Year". Dan and Brent are the same age, yet attended different high schools. Those 2 high schools faced each other in the Oregon State Championship. Brent was named Player of the Year for the Southern Oregon Conference and also First Team Allstate for Oregon. Dan now plays college baseball for Master's College in California, while Brent plays college baseball for Sourthern Arkansas University.


If Your Little Leaguer Doesn't Raise His Batting Average by AT LEAST 100 Points, We Don't Want You To Keep The Granada Pitching Machine! Send It Back For a Complete Refund! We Can Make That Guarantee Because We Know The Chances Of That Are Virtually Zero!

Norm was asked who some of the celebrities have been who have purchased his machines. He said they include NFL Coaches George Allen and Ted Marchibroda, and Major League greats Pete Rose, George Brett and Tony Gwynn, to name a few. Paul said Mark McGwire has been quoted as saying that he wouldn't be where he is today without the Granada Pitching Machine. "He credits extensive use of the Granada in both high school and the University of Southern California," said Paul. "His machines are the greatest invention to get young children started in baseball. His poly balls take the fear factor out. You can have young kids 7, 8 and 9 years old get hit by a baseball, and they never come back. The poly ball machine keeps them in the game and helps them learn. It's the greatest teaching device. "Norm Bruce is one of the finest gentlemen I have ever met and a welcome saint to baseball. He is the most honest guy who has a lot of integrity. He is one of the unsung heroes to youth and college baseball. His contribution to baseball can never be measured." Jerry Stitt, head baseball coach at the University of Arizona, has known Norm for many years and treasures his relationship with him and the rest of the Bruce family. "Those of us in the coaching profession who have known him for years and years have the greatest respect for him and what he has done for baseball on all levels," said Stitt. "He is deeply committed and has passion for the game that is rare. He has been such an important person to the game of baseball. Norm is one of those special people who never asks anything from anybody. But he always gives so much. That is a wonderful quality which is special about him."

  • Benefit #1: - Your son or daughter will get 10 to 100 times as much practice hitting.
  • Benefit #2: - Your son or daughter will no longer fear getting hit by a pitched ball.
  • Benefit #3: - How much difference would it make if his or her batting average went up by 100 points? How about 200 points? Is 300 points possible? (Read a few testimonials to see what's possible!)

"The Granada pitching machines are invaluable to our program. We have 5 Granada pitching machines."

Gordie Gillespie College Baseball's Winningest Coach


  • Benefit #4: - Kids that do well in sports don't get in trouble NEAR as much as other kids!
  • Benefit #5: - Kids that excel in baseball make lifelong friends, and tend to be popular as well! (Out of the 5 neighborhood kids on Dobrot Way, a least 2 were Student Body Presidents, and ALL were extremely popular.
  • Benefit #6: - College is EXPENSIVE! Do you think it would help if your child received a baseball scholarship? No guarantees, but all 5 of the Dobrot Way kids received scholarships of various amounts.

"I have used the Granada Pitching Machine for 25 years. We like it so well, we do not use any other machine. The GRANADA IS THE GREATEST ONE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT TO IMPROVE HITTERS I HAVE EVER BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH."

Murl Bowen Head Baseball Coach


  • Benefit #7: - Where else can you find an investment for a few hundred dollars that provides achievement, friendships, fun, scholarships, family time together.....and more?
  • Benefit #8: - It's FUN! This is not work -- kids LOVE to hit off the machine!
  • Benefit #9: - Once you have a Granada, any younger children can benefit from it as well. (And if Mom or Dad play in a city league, they can use it with great results as well!)

You want your son or daughter to improve his or her hitting dramatically because of your love as a parent. It's not that you want to force them into anything -- it's just that you want them to feel good about what they do, and succeed at whatever they choose to do.

You've read the true stories of how many other kids have not only improved, but skyrocketed to the top of the group by taking their daily 100 or so cuts. You won't have to MAKE them practice -- more likely, you'll have to make them STOP practicing.

And from your point of view as a parent -- where else can you find something that is FUN for your child while holding the potential of a college scholarship at the other end -- with athletic success and popularity in the middle?

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"I have used the Granada pitching machines for the past 14 years. They are a must for any program. We use the Granada pitching machines both indoor and out."

Mike Candrea Univ. of Arizona 1991, 1993, 1994, & 1997 National NCAA Champions


"I have always been an advocate of the Granada Pitching Machine. I feel that it is one of the best tools on the market to help teach and develop the young hitter and I am especially impressed with how easy it is to set up, move, and take it back down."

Rod Delmonico Head Baseball Coach


"After reading about the Granada Pitching Machines and how they can help young hitters develop confidence, my wife and I decided to purchase the EZ Curve. We were not disappointed. Our son's skills improved and he received a baseball scholarship to North Carolina State University where he received Freshman All-American Honors in 1995."

Hans Weber Wappingers Falls, NY


Your brand-new Granada Pitching Machine will arrive from UPS in a few days. With it you will receive "How To Use The Granada Pitching Machine", 50 Poly-Balls (your choice of colors!) and everything you need to get started the same day. If your child hits just 100 balls a day, by this time next month he will have LOOKED AT and taken CUTS at over 3000 pitches -- more than the average child gets in an entire lifetime!


Totally Guaranteed! -- But I guarantee you wouldn't part with it for anything!

We guarantee our Granada Pitching Machine totally -- whether that means repairing it within the first couple years (almost never needs repairing) or answering your questions about it or anything else. Funny thing, though. Nobody ever wants their money back when they see how fast their son or daughter is improving. And for those parents whose kids have gotten college scholarships worth many thousands and tens of thousands of dollars -- you couldn't PRY their machine from them!


Call me right now -- today -- at 1-800-547-5032 and I'll GIVE you 50 poly-balls balls free when you place your order! These sell for $11. per dozen, so you're getting a $43.99 bonus right off the bat! (Forgive the pun.)

Warning! Don't buy a toy! There are cheap machines on the market that will do your child more damage than good. If you value your child, get him or her the Caddilac of pitching machines.The Granada is not as cheap as some other machines, because it is made MUCH better in the first place (Norm built it RIGHT), it's guaranteed forever, and it pitches more varieties of pitches so your Little Leaguer can practice hitting fast balls, change ups, curves, sliders, etc. Don't buy the dime-store variety -- you'll regret it. As Chicago Cubs Scout Dick Bank says "I've said it before and I'll say it again, if I had to choose only one machine, it would be the Granada for it's versatility, reliability, and use anywhere features."

Free Bonus Gift #1 ($43.99 Value) 50 Poly-Balls in a rainbow of colors!

If you love your son or daughter, buy them this pitching machine. That's all there is to it. The possibilities are SO GREAT that a few hundred bucks will look like peanut shells at a major league park. You get the picture. End of story.

Best of Success,


P.S.- PS Think about what you have just read. Think about the 5 kids on Dobrot Way that all made it to the college level. Is that a co-incidence? (By the way, one of those 5 neighborhood kids is being scouted heavily by SEVERAL major league teams. He's a Junior now, so we'll know in a year or so!) Think about the testimonials by others who have used the machine. Think about what Jerry Kendall (major leaguer and major college coach) says. Think about your own son or daughter and what they could become. Then pick up the phone and call us at 1-800-547-5032 so we can get your kids started on the same path.

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