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A Great Discovery Helps You Become A Better Baseball OR Softball Hitter In Less Than 30 Days!  A fantastic baseball and softball pitching machine developed by Granada Pitching Machines totally eliminates the fear of getting hit by a pitched ball, making batting practice astonishingly more effective.

Thousands Now Become Better Baseball and Softball Hitters.  Acquiring hitting skill has taken a giant step forward. Our season-winning pitching machine practice makes it fast and easy. Proven in the laboratory and on the field, this baseball and softball pitching machine, using methods developed by the Granada folks, has no equal.

Nothing else even comes close.

It Seems Incredible That You Can Become An Excellent Hitter With A High Batting Average, All In Your Backyard. Time can be on your side if you start now. Putting off batting practice till the season starts makes it impossible to get the tens of thousands of cuts that are needed to make it to the next higher level. Next season has already begun. As one highly regarded Division One Coach has stated many times, "If you haven't already started, you are late".

Records Galore! - Coaches and players who own the Granada Pitching Machine also own the lion's share of hitting records, and have for many years. (Read the testimonials by these famous coaches and players for absolute proof!)

pitching machine"The Granada pitching machines affords multiple batting practice station formats, the essence of high numbers of repetitions for our hitters. It can't be beat in our indoor situation."

4-time national champs

"I have used the Granada pitching machines for the past 14 years. They  are a must for any program. We use the Granada pitching machines both indoor and out."

Mike Candrea,

Univ. of Arizona 1991, 1993, 1994, & 1997 National NCAA Champions

College baseball's winningest coach"The Granada pitching machines are invaluable to our program. We have 5 Granada pitching machines."

Gordie Gillespie

 Granada pitching machines are used by baseball teams from Little League baseball to high school baseball to college baseball to major league baseball!

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