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National Champion?

"I have used the Granada pitching machines for the past 14 years. They are a must for any program. We use the Granada pitching machines both indoor and out."

Mike Candrea

Baseball ChampionsUniv. of Arizona 1991, 1993, 1994, & 1997

National NCAA Champions


3 Proven Steps To Great Hitting, To Win More Baseball Games, To Strike Out Less, To Hit More Home Runs, & To Supercharge Batting Averages!

Date: Spring Training
From: Norm - the pitching machine guy from Oregon

Dear Baseball Coach:

     There are just 3 simple steps to winning more games, making your players into much better hitters who strike out less, get on base more, draw more walks, and hit more line drives:

1. Order our Granada Pitching Machine. (You can do that right now, right here.)

2. Set it up in 7 minutes. (You'll have it by next week via UPS.)

3. Turn your players loose on it. (They'll fight to get in line to use it...)

     Here's what one college coach had to say about it:

     "We purchased our first GRANADA in 1976 and it's still going strong. We have used it in our fall, winter & spring practices as well as our baseball and hitting camps.  We now have FIVE GRANADA Machines...  they are all great.  I would state that each team, regardless of level, should have a GRANADA."

Terry Bocian
Aquinas College, MI

5-Time Michigan NAIA State Champs

     And a high school baseball coach agrees:

"We set a Florida high school hitting record (.405), and that's a great testimony to the 5 Granada machines we use."

Ed Waters
St. Thomas Aquinas H.S.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

     And a high school softball coach adds:

"We use the machine extensively for our daily morning practice.  The Fast Pitch is excellent for teaching slapping, dragging and other bunting skills.  Our team's ON BASE AVERAGE has gone up 150% in one year.  With the Fast Pitch we are able to change speeds in our hitting drills without the hitter knowing.  This simulates a live game situations!"

Doug Coplin
Head Softball Coach
Glide, H.S., OR

     And college baseball's all-time winningest coach says:

College baseball coach

"The Granada pitching machines are invaluable to our program. We have 5 Granada pitching machines."

Gordie Gillespie

     You can buy cheaper machines.


     Ask Jerry Stitt (U of Arizona). Ask Gary Ward (New Mexico State). Ask Dick Banks (Chicago Cubs Scout). Ask George Biron (Cleveland Indians Scout). Rod Delmonico (U of Tenn). Ask Jerry Kindall (Minnesota Twins, U of Arizona & author of "The Science of Coaching Baseball). Ask anybody who knows baseball, and they'll all tell you the same.

    Click here to pick out the model you need for your team.

Yours for much better hitting,


P.S.- Have you ever heard of Tony Gwynn? Here's what Bob Cluck had to say about my pitching machine which he and Alan Trammel and Tony Gwynn use in their "San Diego School of Baseball":

Dear Norm:

    I wanted to take the time to thank you for 20 years of great service. We are celebrating our 25th year anniversary at The San Diego School of Baseball. As you know, we have used your machines since 1975. Nearly 10,000 former students have used the Granada machines to help them become better hitters. Our graduates include Eric Karros of the Dodgers and many other Major Leaguers.

     On behalf of Tony Gwynn, Alan Trammell, Dave Smith and my other partners in the school, I want to congratulate you and your son John on producing an outstanding product. Your Granada Machines will always be a big part of our instructional programs.


Bob Cluck, Instructor, Oakland Athletics

Director, San Diego School of Baseball



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