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Granada FAQs


  1. Why practice with poly balls?
    • When used with a two wheel machine, the poly ball is the absolute number one practice ball. This combo is the best replication of the pitcher in addition to the fact that it has the greatest and well earned reputation for eliminating multi-tasking. The high school and college coaches with the most career wins have used this system (Granada) exclusively. Recent laboratory studies have shown that nothing else comes close.


  1. What kind of pitches does the Granada pitching machine pitch?
    • All Granada Pitching Machines pitch fast balls, drops, left handed and right handed curves and the pitches in-between except the Granada III. The Granada III pitches 40 mile an hour fast balls.


  1. How many cuts a day should a person get?
    • 100 to 1000 cuts per day. The more cuts the better you internalize.


  1. What is the distance between the batter and the Granada Pitching Machine?
    • 28 to 32 feet for the curve ball is optimum. 20 to 40 for the Granada III depending on the skill of the batter.


  1. Can I get some help with batting practice ideas?
    • Granada Pitching Machines sends with each machine two pages of suggested drills as well as instructions on how to use the machines. Just call us with any other questions.


  1. Which ball is the best to use for batting practice?
    • The Polyball


  1. Should I buy a one wheel or two wheel machine?
    • The two wheel machine. Two wheel machines have a truer looking pitch.


  1. How long has Granada been building pitching machines?
    • For over 40 years. A father wanted to help his sons with their hitting and started what is now called Granada Pitching Machines, Inc.


  1. Which machine should I purchase?
    • It depends on what your needs are. Click here (comparison chart) and look at the features and benefits. Then call us with your other questions.


  1. Do you have an automatic feeder?
    • Yes we do. Click here for info. (ball feeder)



  1. Do I need to use a cage?
    • You do not. The poly ball will not carry very far. If you have a real small area you can use a light weight cage 12 x 40 x 10 ft high. We also have a net backstop.


  1. Can I pitch other balls in the Granada pitching machine?
    • Hardballs and dimple balls will damage the machine and void the warranty. The light flight ball will work but the poly ball gives you the truest pitch.


  1. Can I use the Granada pitching machine indoors?
    • A great machine for the indoors. You need about 36 to 40 of length. If you only have 20 you can use the Granada III.


  1. How can I use the Granada pitching machines outside in windy conditions?
    • Put up a 4 to 5 wind break if it is too windy. You can put up a 12 x 40 batting cage with a tarp or plastic attached from the ground up 4 to 5.


  1. Who repairs the Granada pitching machine if something goes wrong?
    • We do all the repairs. If you need parts order by phone or online.


  1. What is the warranty?
    • There is a one year warranty on all parts and labor with proper use and if the repairs are done by Granada or Granada approved repair.
    • If after 30 days the Granada Pitching Machine has not performed the way you desire, return the un-damaged machine for a full refund except freight.



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