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Why Granada Pitching Machines?


Purified Batting Practice – Baseball’s #1 batting practice didn’t just happen. By exactly reproducing speed, spin, and spin plane of each pitch and providing the psychological and physical requirements of speedy internalization, the Granada Pitching Machine towers above the competition. Granada Batting Practice is easily the most transferable practice because of a no compromise design. No corners were cut.

A “Friendly” Practice – Granada batting practice is acclaimed not only as the best practice, it is also the most user friendly. All about it is a great big plus: space required, results, safety, economy, (no nets – great for backyard) outdoor – indoor year round use, plus internalization well beyond any other practice.

Heavy (reg. wt.) balls retard internalization. Since 1960 when the poly balls were first introduced for machine batting practice, they have been the acclaimed number one practice balls. Sports psychology departments of major universities have reported on research that describes the need to avoid multi-tasking (as seen in heavier balls). The one-minute familiarization session unlocks batting practice forever. It is the most important minute in a player’s experience. This unlocking is exclusive to Granada poly ball practice. Used by huge numbers of baseball camps, the poly ball is used from Little League to Major League.

Saturation Practice – The Granada System makes big practice possible. Every notable musician or athlete practiced well beyond the average performer. Granada has made this level of practice available for the average player. Pitch-for-pitch Granada is recognized as the batting practice lead and coupled with an easily available hundreds or thousands of cuts per week; it does not get any better. Because Granada is also the most convenient practice, it gets done. For many years, tens of thousands of players, coast to coast, have conveniently practiced at home with out a net or cage.

            The player that gets 200 – 300 quality cuts per day will soon become a much better hitter than the players that takes 50 – 60 cuts per day. So, why be one of those who gets only the 50 – 60?

            The 300 cuts per day player will practice less than one-tenth as much as a figure skater but five times more than the average ball player.

Poly Balls – The poly ball has been in pitching machine use since 1960 and has proven to be the #1 pitching machines batting practice ball because of superior results. This is the only ball recommended for Granada Pitching Machine use, as it behaves more like a regulation ball than any other practice ball when used in the highest quality machines. They pre-date the similar Wiffle ball which is not pitching machine useful. Polyethylene, holes (26), baseball size and weighs an ounce. Limited – carry (50’-60’) and light weight make it ideal for practice anytime and anywhere. Poly balls are always first in laboratory tests.

Baseball – Best Practice Ball – Poly ball:

  1. Psychological Advantage
  2. Behaves Like Game Pitches
  3. Limited Carry – Space Friendly
  4. No Nets – No Cages
  5. Indoor – Outdoor
  6. Bunting – Most Outstanding Ball
  7. Safety – Light Weight
  8. Low Cost – Budget Friendly
  9. Best-Pitch-For-Pitch Laboratory Proven
  10. The One-Minute Breakthrough Ball

Two Wheel Machines: With the advent of the three-wheel pitching machines, the two-wheel pitching machines now share the earned reputation of replicating actual game pitches. Proper speed and spin teach the batter what he needs to know about on coming pitches. Machines of one wheel or less are unable to throw authentic pitches, leaving the batter with incomplete and unreadable practice. A missile, not a pitch.

Practice Anywhere/Anytime: The best practice, Granada System, requires the least amount of support space and equipment (in most cases no nets or cages needed). Tens of thousands get daily at home batting practice of the very highest quality. Fifty thousand cuts per year without leaving home. Easy set up, practice, return to storage in minutes.

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Introductory Video by John Bruce

John Bruce



Intro & Granada III

Batting Practice Drills

Granada 390 1

Granada 390 2

Granada V

Buy any machine now and we will send you 24 poly balls free.

Automatic Change-Ups: This feature, exclusively available on Granada pitching machines, is an absolute #1 practice breakthrough. Automatic, unannounced speed changes keep the batter “honest” by forcing attention on the ball and not the machine. Batter must stay within the discipline, not get ahead of the pitch. A tremendously important advance, the change-up option stops the formation of a very serious bad habit.

One Minute Drill: As the name indicates, this drill takes only a minute but really opens the door wide to the acquisition of skill. Each player performs the drill as their introduction to the Granada System. The one-time one-minute drill unlocks batting practice forever, making all future practice as much as 50% more valuable. An amazingly fast transformation takes shape.

Convenience: Batting practice that is not convenient to get, will not get done. Team practices are unable to provide the amount of practice that really makes a difference. Home practice is necessary, like the basketball hoop in the driveway. Granada has been the leader in home practice for nearly a half century. Granada has made big practice readily available at home with out the expenses and nuisance of nets or cages. Readily available batting practice everyday is the Granada difference.

One Hour a Day: In one hour a player can practice on 300 pitches while spending half in rest periods. How easy it is. We have never seen this amount of use of the Granada System fail a player. This seems a bit fanatical to ball players accustomed to less practice, but to a figure skaters its just a great start. This is a practice goal well worth a players time. This level of batting practice on the Granada System takes a player well above the crowd.

Bunting: Bad weather a blessing? Indeed! While most players await the coming of the first spring practice, the Granada user is enjoying daily bunting practice in the garage or basement. Bunting practice need not disturb the garage or basement. By bunting a substantial number of balls each day, a player can become a dangerous (to the other team) hitter. A good bunter weakens the opposing team’s defenses and thus improves his batting average. Even the best team in the league becomes a weaker team.

General Info: Back yard, basement or garage practice is a cinch with the specially formulated designed poly balls. Limited catty and limited bounce make poly balls the ideal practice ball for ease of use under any circumstances. Of course, the huge psychological advantage of poly ball use make it the easy choice.


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